Long time ago, in 1988, in Dositejeva Street in Sarajevo, there was a small shoe store that attracted the attention of people passing by with its style and wonderful collections. The name of the store was Sebli. As in a nice and peaceful story of a child growing up the Sebli Store also had a seed that will grow, leaf and blossom.

That is how Gema, exclusive chain store of shoes and fashion accessories, was founded in Sarajevo in 1997. Since recently, it has included world renowned clothing brands in its offer.

Guided by desire to make a step forward in the fashion world of shoes and accessories, we have made Gema as it is today. We have put a lot of effort on that path, but it was all pervaded by great love. That is how one of the best shoe store chain in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region were created, recognizable by its luxurious stores in attractive locations.

We offer world famous brands in our stores, such as: Alberto Guardiani, Mario Bruni, Cesare Paciotti, De Robert, Marino Orlandi, Pedro Mirales, Camperand many others. Each of our brands is conveying its special message and each and every collection has its special charm. The collections we choose are designed for women and men with style, for those who want more.

We haven’t achieved all this alone. Those who have helped us to become what we are today are our loyal customers. We are trying to feel the pulse of our customers, to fulfill, and even to exceed their expectations. To understand customers and to make them feel better is a simple but also a deep philosophy that stimulates constant innovations in business.

Gema’s popularity is confirmed by diversity of our customers in terms of age and profession. Many famous personalities from our country’s public life, as well as wider region, are our customers.

Gema is also active in a social life of its surrounding. Over the years we have supported many social projects, sport and cultural activities as well as humanitarian actions, and we have also invested in our municipality and the region.

Our mission is to offer our customers top world brands, to ensure satisfaction of our customers and to make their shopping experience enjoyable and unforgettable, with help of hard-working team of people and through rich assortment and ambience decorated with style.

Simply, Gema is the place where you will find your dream shoes!

Sincerely Yours