In the district of Riviera del Brenta, near Venice, for over 50 years the Zoccarato family produces high-quality women's shoes. The idea came from the founder Angelo who wanted to create a feminine shoe that is at the same time comfortable, quality and modern. Passion for fashion, great commitment to detail and the hiring of top experts in this field are the reasons why the brand Zocal soon became a recognizable name in the fashion industry.

Even today, shoes are created in the same factory by top experts who guarantee maximum quality and comfort. Zocal guarantees all its customers that they will see the Italian production style at every step.

Women who once bought Zocal brand shoes are always coming back. They walk with pleasure and smile, and that's all because of one magical ingredient that is responsible for beautiful shoes - huge passion!

Join many women around the world, from the United States, Russia, the United Arab Emirates to Australia and Japan. ZOCAL is waiting for you at GEMA Salons.