The famous brand of footwear from Majorca moves the borders! Modern style and unique design of shoes delights fans of innovation, uniqueness and top quality with each new collection.

From the very beginning, the design approach was unusual and unique. Unisex concepts are designed at the borders of a sporty and intelligent style. Hybrid models are the characteristics of this modern brand.

The first Camper shoe was designed for both men and women, inspired by local farmers' shoes. During the production were used recycled materials, which drew attention to this brand at the very beginning of their business. After their first pair of shoes, Camper drew attention of his innovation with the many collections of footwear later that are remembered even today.

The customer is at the first place. A large number of prepared models and styles will make you feel perfect. Camper and GEMA have the same goal - to delight all their customers with top-class offer. Visit us and see it by yourself!