Since the early 1910s, the Baldinini family has begun producing handmade shoes. Today, more than 100 years after its beginning, the company has millions of pairs of shoes, hundreds of employees and hundreds of stores around the world, but the core of the production itself has remained the same. The spirit, creativity and passion for fashion are still equally strong, and with each new collection, the company positively surprises the fashion world and all fashion lovers.

Love is part of every piece of the shoes. The choice of materials, shapes and techniques continuously offers something new on the market, and the long-standing experience of this brand enables the ideal ratio of handmade and modern fashion expression.

Baldinini includes different styles and moods. He never ignores innovation and readiness to set trends. Rich details and long tradition can not go unnoticed in the fashion world.

Baldinini's ladies deserve hand-made shoes, perfection in every detail and art at every step. All our customers deserve this, and therefore, in our GEMA salons you can find a new collection of this famous Italian brand.